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Starlight JetSpa

Starlight jet spa is ideal for weight loss, detoxification and cellulite treatment

The way Starlight is "attacking" the problematic areas is with perspiration and lemphatic massage from the matress, and you lose inches and your skin appearance changes.

Starlight Jet Spa emits three colors, red, blue (purple) and green (yellow) in different wavelengths for different functions:

Red is the color of light. Its the color that penetrates the tissues deeply and stimulates blood circluations. It also activates cellular metabolism and revitalizes distressed skin. 

Blue is associated with tranquility and relaxation. It is anelgesic, antiseptic and very effective for treating acne. It is also indicated for allergies, migranes, and sleep disorders.

Green is the color of nature, suitable for strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, and treating general skin problems. Very effective for fine lines and wrinkles.

 Every session lasts 30 minutes and features the following treatments:
-Weight loss: steam, infrared, massage, hydromassage, reflexology, tropical rain, steam bath and lipolitic mask
-Detoxification: combination of essential oils and plant extracts
-Hydrotherapy: reflexology and lemphatic massage
-Cellulite reducer: lipolitic mask, vitamins and minerals
-Wellness: alternating warm and cold, detoxification, rejuvenation, stimulating blood circulation
-Firming: seaweed mask, tropical rain, vitamins



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